From Anxiety and Panic to Peace and Ease

Do you feel frazzled from taking care of your kids and wonder where you went in the dishes, the laundry, and the carpooling?
Are you tired of the tightness in your chest when you enter your work space or interacting with someone there?
Do you wish you could trust life would work out instead of fearing how you're going to pay your taxes this year?
Have you tried meditation and it's just not sticking, but you really want to do it daily?

If this describes you, then this audio is for you.
In this free audio "3 Simple Steps to a Heart-Centered Meditation Practice" you'll:
  • Create a daily meditation practice that you WANT to do.
  • Start your day connecting with your intuition and Spirit.
  • Feel more at ease, peaceful, and purposeful throughout your day.
  • Be less reactive and more patient with your kids and/or those around you.
Meditation brought me to living my purpose. From being on the floor in a ball of tears not sure that I wanted to continue living, to thriving in my soul's calling.

I'd like to take you on a journey into your heart, where your soul's calling lies. I'm not talking just about career, but the real you - the one that stays quiet when you really want to shout, and the one that seeks direction, but doesn't know which foot to put first (and where).

Enter your info below to receive my beautifully made audio just for you (includes a guided meditation too!), so you can feel more calm, at ease, and totally authentic and empowered in your own skin.

After teaching hundreds of people the life changing practice of meditation, I know it will benefit you too. I believe in you! (and a hint for what's in store - meditation is NOT about stopping thoughts!)
With love,

p.s. You're information will never, ever, ever be shared with any other entity, organization, or living human being. We respect your privacy!

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